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FTL Truckload or Partial Truckload Back

FTL, "full truckload" shipping is the movement of large amounts of the same commodity and the amount of goods being shipped is generally equal to the that necessary to fill an entire trailer container. Our FTL service commonlyentails delivering a full trailer-load to a single customer or delivery terminal.

One distinct advantage of opting to use FTL shipping versus LTL is that the fright is not handled en route from the time of pickup to drop-off.

FTL trucking is typically priced per mile as the service grants the shipper exclusive use of the trailer, regardless of how full it is. We will utilize van or flatbed trailers depending on the configuration of the shipment.

Should your shipment only satisfy the requirements of a Partial Truckload, Trillium Roadways will negotiate on your behalf pricing that is well below that of FTL. Please contact us for more details.