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Expedited Freight Back

Do you have a shipment that requires a faster-than-normal delivery time? Our Team Serviceshipping option is our solution to your time-sensitive delivery needs.

We deploy a two-person driving team that works in shifts. Our team drivers rotate shifts sleeping while the fresh driver is at the wheel. This ensures the truck stops only for fuel and that your shipment arrives at its destination when you need it to.

Our Team Service is the recommended mode of transport for time-sensitive shipments that may be too large or costly for airfreight, yet require delivery as quickly as possible on the road.

Although this service is slightly more expensive due to the increased labour, Trillium Roadways will be happy to compare pricing so that you don't have to spend valuable time and effort researching the best possible delivery options for your shipment.

If your delivery deadlines are tighter than regular transit windows, ask for Trillium's Team Service, the fastest ground service solution available.

Should your shipment require next-day delivery, airfreight may be the optimal solution, and Trillium will be happy to assist in finding the airfreight delivery option that best meets your needs.